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The Best Buttermilk Crumpet and Rye Bread Recipe

crumpets101 Fuss-free BakesSunday Times Food Editor Hilary Biller offers a reader some advice on making perfect buttermilk crumpets and German sourdough rye loaf:

This is the recipe we originally printed. A crumpet is a thicker pancake style with a doughier texture.

It is cooked on a hot surface in a circle till it bubbles and is then turned. Usually served hot, they are delicious with butter and real maple syrup (if the budget allows. If not, golden syrup will suffice). CRUMPETS (Makes 24-36)


* 500ml cake flour
* 15ml baking powder
* 2ml salt
* 60ml castor sugar
* 30ml oil
* 2 eggs
* 125ml buttermilk
* 250ml milk
* Oil for frying


I’ve consulted my two bibles of bread baking, The Bread Book by Linda Collister and Anthony Blake and Breads in the Time Life series. Most of the recipes for rye bread, including traditional German rye, use a mixture of rye flour and white or wholewheat flour. The reason is that rye flour contains very little gluten. I suspect that is why your loaf is so doughy. The only recipe in the Time Life book that uses rye flour alone uses a rye-flour sourdough starter, which you need to start making a few days before the loaf. Both recipes follow.

GERMAN SOURDOUGH RYE LOAF (Makes 1 large loaf)


* 2,5kg rye flour
* 125g rye sourdough starter (see recipe below)
* 1 litre tepid water
* 30ml (2tbsp) salt

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