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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

Reclaim your youth the natural way: Anti-Ageing Tissue Salts by Margaret Roberts

Anti-Ageing Tissue SaltsStruik Nature is proud to present Anti-Ageing Tissue Salts by Margaret Roberts:

Reclaim your youth the natural way – 12 essential salts to help you balance deficiencies, heal ailments, retain vitality and defy the effects of ageing.

In this book, Margaret Roberts draws on decades of experience to advise readers on using the 12 key tissue salts to slow the ageing process, promote vitality and enhance health. Each tissue salt is presented in its own chapter, with tips on treating specific ailments; and advice on increasing the intake of the salts through the diet.

The book features:

  • Information on each tissue salt presented in its own chapter.
  • An ailment chart for quick reference.
  • Advice on increasing the intake of the salts through the diet.
  • Recipes for juices, teas, food, herbs, lotions and creams that naturally contain these age-defying salts.

Tissue salts are minerals that our bodies need to ensure optimal health. They can be found naturally in the Earth’s rocks and soil, in food that is grown organically in mineral-rich soil and can also be easily taken in tablet or liquid form (found at health stores and chemists). Considered to be the basic constituents of our bones, blood, organs and muscles, they are easily absorbed by the human body, with no side-effects.

About the author

Margaret Roberts is a household name, having made her mark in the world of health and gardening. She pursues her passion for all things natural that can uplift, heal and inspire, by creating gardens, teaching about the wonders of herbs and developing medicinal and nutritional plants at her Herbal Centre. She has published many books and articles on how to ensure good health naturally.

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Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Helen Mirren prepare for the Oscars with … Rooibos?!

Tea: 60 teas to revitalise and restoreWhen Hollywood’s leading ladies walk the Oscars red carpet later this month‚ their flawless looks will be boosted by an army of experts‚ serums and potions to get them to look their best. And among their armoury of beauty products is South African Rooibos.

That’s according to the Rooibos Council‚ which says its sales to America are soaring.

Here’s how the Rooibos Council says the tea-based products are helping the stars to get svelte‚ lean and red carpet-ready in time for the big night:

  • Angelina Jolie lathers her perfect pout with a lip balm that boasts Rooibos and a variety of other unusual ingredients;
  • Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and supermodel Miranda Kerr drink Rooibos to detox and stay in shape;
  • Charlize Theron‚ Jessica Alba‚ Hugh Jackman and model Candice Swanepoel all indulge in Rooibos salon treatments which revitalise the skin;
  • Salma Hayek and Victoria-secret model Adriana Lima both swear by a Rooibos beauty beverage that purifies the skin from the inside out;
  • Academy Award winner Helen Mirren takes her teabags wherever she goes‚ and
  • Model Josie Maran swears by a Rooibos-enriched hair detox blend.

Ernest du Toit‚ spokesperson for the Rooibos Council‚ said in a statement that since Rooibos first made its debut in the US in the early 1990s‚ sales to the country have tripled and every year more cosmetics houses – local and international – are cottoning onto the nourishing and anti-ageing properties found in Rooibos.

“South Africa now exports a vast array of different Rooibos products to the US‚ from the traditional unflavoured tea to flavoured teas‚ cappuccinos and cosmetics‚ which ranges from make-up to skin‚ hair‚ perfume and nail-care products‚” he said.

“Its use in cosmetics has increased rapidly and garnered much attention over the last few years‚ as more research proving the plethora of health and beauty benefits of Rooibos has become better known. Rooibos’ high flavonoid content makes it a powerful anti-aging ingredient for skincare formulas. Since much of skin-aging is caused by exposure to UV rays‚ pollution and other environmental contaminants‚ Rooibos’ free-radical destroying abilities helps to protect the skin and to preserve a more youthful look.”

While there’s no way to independently verify the council’s assertions that Hollywood loves our Rooibos‚ South Africans can catch all the red-carpet action on Monday‚ 29 February‚ at 3 AM CAT‚ when the 88th Academy Awards will be aired on DSTV channel O (320).

Source: TMG Digital

For more about the healing properties of tea, consult Tea: 60 teas to revitalise and restore by Margaret Roberts.

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A 7-day journey to wellbeing with Stephan Domenig’s Alkaline Juices and Smoothies

Alkaline Juices and SmoothiesStruik Lifestyle is proud to present Alkaline Juices and Smoothies by Stephan Domenig:

A healthy diet means eating a balance of acidic and alkaline foods. The modern Western diet is heavily weighted towards foods that tend to be acid-forming. Alkaline Juices and Smoothies presents an easy-to-follow way to cleanse your system and repair that imbalance.

This definitive plan will guide you in a seven-day journey to wellbeing, encourage the natural process of weight loss, increase energy and vitality and begin to restore your body to its natural rhythms. The destructive effects of the modern acidic diet are combated through a judicious menu of green smoothies, fresh juices and satisfying drinks. The detox plan can be followed for seven consecutive days, but even one or two days a week will yield benefits.

Also see: The Alkaline Cure: The Amazing 14 Day Diet and Mindful Eating Plan by Stephan Domenig

About the author

Dr Stephan Domenig is the medical director of the FX Mayr Health Center in Maria Wörth, Austria. After obtaining his medical degree, he worked as an assistant physician and surgeon at several hospitals in Austria and Brazil. He has a diploma in FX Mayr medicine and certifications in orthomolecular medicine, applied kinesiology and chiropractics.

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7 Struik Lifestyle titles chosen as South African winners in 2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Struik Lifestyle, an imprint of Penguin Random House South Africa, has had seven titles named South African winners in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for 2015. These titles now all qualify for the next “Gourmand Best in the World” competition.

The winning titles are as follows:

A Taste of IsraelBeer SafariHome
Low carb is lekkerTaste the Little KarooThe Supper ClubTWO


  • TWO by Seline & Leandri van der Wat (Best TV – English)

The winners of the “Gourmand Best in the World” competition will be announced at an awards ceremony in Yantai, China from 28 – 31 May, 2016.

For more information on the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, visit


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Win a Hamper of 9 Cookbooks, Along with a Yuppiechef Voucher Worth R1 000

Random House Struik is giving away a cookbook hamper along with a Yuppiechef voucher worth R1 000. The hamper includes six local titles as well as three by international authors:

HomeThe Supper ClubA Taste of Israel
Low Carb is LekkerTWOTaste the Little Karoo

To stand a chance of winning the prize, all you have to do is fill in your details and answer this easy question:

Question: What is the value of the Yuppiechef voucher that is up for grabs in this competition?

  • A. R1 000
  • B. R100
  • C. R10

The competition closes on 30 November. What are you waiting for? Enter!


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Try Ine Reynierse's Low-carb Recipe for Ninja Chai Tea with a Triple Fat Kick

Low Carb is LekkerLow carb is lekkerWho doesn’t like a comforting anti-oxidant rich beverage with a triple fat kick?

Inè Reynierse’s low-carb Ninja Chai Tea is packed with goodness – and it’s tasty too!

A low-carb lifestyle doesn’t have to mean making dire sacrifices for the sake of healthy living. Reynierse’s recipe book Low Carb is Lekker, also available in Afrikaans as Low carb is lekker, contains delicious and nutritious alternatives to the hearty local meals and beverages we all know and love.

So go on, try Reynierse’s Ninja Chai Tea. It will change your world:

It is a meal in minutes and will kick you into fat burning mode before you know it. It is creamy, comforting and lekker local when made with rooibos tea (you could use black tea) and off course the chai spice mix ads just the right amount of foreign whimsy! It is simply divine.


4 rooibos teabags (Black teabags will work too)

2 cups of water (500 ml)

1 tsp ground mixed spice (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger)

1/2 tsp ground ginger powder or a chunk of fresh peeled ginger

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Probeer Inè Reynierse se LKHV-resepte vir wortelkoek, blomkoolkasserol en varkrib met bedruipsous

Low carb is lekkerLow Carb is LekkerInè Reynierse se jongste kookboek, Low carb is lekker, is propvol smullekker resepte vir enigeen wat graag ‘n laekoolhidraat-hoëvet-leefstyl wil navolg.

Karla Janse van Vuuren het met Reynierse gesels oor haar boek, wat ook in Engels beskikbaar is as Low Carb is Lekker.

Reynierse vertel meer oor die grootste uitdagings van ‘n LKHV-leefstyl, asook die voordele en negatiewe aspekte van die dieet. Sy deel ook ‘n heerlike resep vir wortelkoek en gee raad aan diegene wat skrikkerig is vir ‘n LKHV-dieet.

Lees die artikel en probeer Reynierse se wortelkoekresep:

Beplan jy nog ’n boek en is daar enige resep wat jy nog graag wil decarb?

Vir seker! Ek gaan nie rus voordat ek nie ’n ordentlike vetkoek-, pizza- of koeksisterresep het nie.


Met ’n laekoolhidraat-leefstyl is ons geneig om die gebruik van groente wat onder die grond groei te beperk omdat hulle so ’n hoë koolhidraatinhoud het. Dié resep is aangepas om ’n klein bietjie wortel baie ver te rek terwyl jy steeds die wortel in elke happie proe, sonder al die koolhidrate wat daarmee saamkom.

Lewer 16 mediumgroot snye met 5 g koolhidrate per sny.

Is dit moontlik om ‘n heerlike Sondagmiddagmaal voor te berei sonder om koolhidrate te gebruik? Reynierse dink beslis so: “My ideale Sondagmaal sal beslis heerlike gebraaide varkrib met biltong-sampioenblomkoolkasserol insluit.”

Probeer die resepte vir varkrib met bedruipsous en blomkoolkasserol:

Varkrib met bedruipsous

​Jy het nodig:

Vir die rokerige braaibedruipsous:

4 e klapperolie

1 ui, fyngekap

2 e fyngedrukte knoffel

1 t gedroogde gemengde kruie

2 t gerookte sout (gewone sout sal ook werk)

2 e fyn koljander


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Have a Cuppa – New Studies Find that Rooibos and Honeybush Can Aid in the Treatment of Cancer

Tea: 60 teas to revitalise and restoreBiochemists from Stellenbosch University have found that two South African teas – rooibos and honeybush – contain properties that could fight cancer.

Professors Amanda Swart and Ann Louw presented their research at the CANSA Research in Action Conference earlier this year.

Health 24 reports that the studies, albeit still in the testing phase, show that rooibos and honeybush could treat cancer.

For more about the healing properties of tea, consult Tea: 60 teas to revitalise and restore by Margaret Roberts.

Read the article:

Swart is cautiously optimistic saying that although the effects of rooibos are favourable in cell models, it should not be seen as a cure.

“The research is ongoing and our findings may implicate rooibos to support therapeutic approaches to prostate cancer,” says Swart.

Another SU biochemist Prof Ann Louw studied the cancer-killing abilities of another fynbos variety also used for tea, honeybush. The idea of testing it for medicinal purposes came from anecdotes that communities in Langkloof Valley in the Eastern and Western Capes use it to treat menopause symptoms.

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Hoe maak jy tradisionele boerekos sonder gebakte aartappels? Inè Reynierse vertel (Potgooi)

Low carb is lekkerLow Carb is LekkerInè Reynierse het onlangs by Susan Botha in die GrootFM-ateljee gekuier om te gesels oor haar boek, Low carb is lekker, ook in Engels beskikbaar as Low Carb is Lekker.

Reynierse vertel dat graan en verwerkte suikers inflammasie in die liggaam veroorsaak, wat op sy beurt die hoofoorsaak is van ‘n “hele lang lys” siektes en kwale, onder meer diabetes of breinsiektes soos aandagafleibaarheid-hiperaktwiteitsindroom (ADHD).

“Jou brein het weer ‘n kans om te kan dink en te funksioneer,” sê sy oor wat gebeur wanneer jy begin om koolhidrate en verwerkte kosse uit jou dieet te sny.

Botha wil weet: “Hoe maak jy tradisionele boerekos, en nou praat ek skaapboud, sonder gebakte aartappels? Wat vervang jy?”

Luister na die potgooi vir Reynierse se antwoord:


Lees ook:



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Win a Copy of The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual by Linda Buys, with a First Aid Level 1 Course!

The Illustrated South African First Aid ManualPenguin Random House is giving away two first aid hampers, containing a copy of The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual by Linda Buys and a a First Aid Level 1 course worth R850.

All you have to do to stand a chance to win one of the two hampers is post your answer to a simple question on the Facebook post about the competition. The winners will be randomly selected from the comments section, and contacted on Wednesday, 30 September.

The question is “What number do we phone in South Africa for the Emergency Services?”

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